Sunday, April 18, 2010

The picture right above are my two daughters. They both do Comptitive Cheer. We were at Nationals last weekend and had a wonderful time. I am so proud of you girls. Cheer has been such a postive life experience for them. Life benefits: Leadership and Teamwork, Confidence, Goal setting. Physical benefits: Fitness, Spatial awareness, Dynamic and Static balance. I am proud to say; All Star Ellite Cheer Gym (my girls cheer gym) is the First in the country to be USASF certified, which means a Non-profit governing body with a commitment to standardize safety and training guidelines for all star gyms and events. In 2005 all star cheerleading became a prevelant activity across the globe. So the IASF (International All Star Federation) was formed to aid in communication and consistant standards of safety and training through out the World. Way to go!!!
A proud Momma, :)

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